1. Examination and consultation15 lv
2. One-surface photopolymer obturation70 lv
3. Photopolymer obturation on two or more surfaces80 lv
4. Dental Cleaning of tartar and polishing of teeth70 lv
5. Polishing of teeth30 lv
6. Temporary tooth obturation30 lv
7. Caries cleaning20 lv
8. Remove old obturation20 lv
9. Installing a temporary insert20 lv
10. Anesthesia durring the Treatment20 lv
11. Temporary obturation15 lv
1. Tooth pulp devitalization (medicated)40 lv
2. Vital extirpation of a single-channel tooth with anesthesia50 lv
3. Vital extirpation of two or three-channel anesthetized tooth60 lv
4. Mho on 1 root canal30 lv
5. Временна вложка в коренов канал30 lv
6. Temporary insertion into root canal20 lv
7. Single-root canal filling20 lv
8. Teeth Trepanation50 lv
9. Treatment of pulpitis or periodontitis of a temporary tooth70 lv
10. Removing pin from root canal30 lv
11. Biological treatment of tooth50 lv
1. Metal-Ceramic crown220 lv
2. Blend crown130 lv
3. Fully ceramic crown350 lv
4. Zirconium crown400 lv
5. Ceramic veneer450 lv
6. Photopolymer veneer120-160 lv
7. Installation of Factory veneer in single visit250 lv
8. Metal pin insertion30 lv
9. Fiber pin insertion50 lv
10. Изграждане на зъбно пънче върху щифт90 lv
11. Cementing a fallen crown30 lv
12. Cementing a two or three member bridge50 lv
13. Temporary crown insertion30 lv
14. Partial or whole plaque prosthesis300 lv
15. Soft plastic prosthesis450 lv
16. Pin(single-tilt detachable)120-160 lv
17. Crown removal / cutting30 lv
1. Extraction of single root tooth50 lv
2. Extraction of double rooted tooth70 lv
3. Extraction of wisdom teeth and deeply fractured teeth90-120 lv
4. Extraction of retinal wisdom teeth200-250 lv
5. Incision with anesthesia and drainage50 lv
6. Periodontal pocket treatment (curettage and flushing)40 lv
7. Gingivectomy40 lv
8. Temporary tooth extraction20-40 lv
9. Circumcisio40 lv